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every woman is unique

Every woman is unique

However, certain signs are telling and common to all of us.If you dare to take your desires to the next level. If you want the icing on the cake and if you like to stretch your limits, we share the same vision.

EXSENS was created for those indomitable women who seek beauty, love and pleasure. Women who embrace their unique identity and who wish to shape their history in the image of their desires.
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Laboratoire Néo Cosmétique
Made in France

EXSENS is part of an international industry group. We develop, formulate and produce all of our products at our state-of-the-art cosmetics and medical devices facility, Laboratoire Néo Cosmétique, in Aix En Provence, France. 
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Products are created and manufactured with strict quality control procedures and in compliance with the Medical Device European Regulations 93/42/CEE,
European Cosmetics Regulations CE N°1223/2009 and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP ISO 22716).